5.2 Hello Express

Install Express
npm install express --save

Basic Setup

const express = require('express');
var app = express();
app.get('/', (request, response)=>{

request: request information from user
response: methods available to response back to user

response.send('Hello Express');
When user accesses to our server, we send this string to them.

This starts our server.

nodemon server.js

Alt text

Sending JSON file

app.get('/', (request, response)=>{
name: 'Jude',
age: 19,
city: 'Waterloo'

Add Another Route

app.get('/about', (request, response)=>{
response.send("About Page");

Using app.get, we are able to specify any number of routes as we want.

Challenge: Create a Route ‘ /bad'


app.get('/bad', (request, response)=>{
code: `BAD_ACCESS`,
error: `You should not be accessing this`

Alt text